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Superfast Trains in India 

Normally Indian Railways express trains runs at the highest speed of 110 Kmph. Demand for speed in India drives Indian Railways introducing fast rail network service by deploying the nation's first Rajdhani Express which runs at the speed of 130 Kmph in 1969 which first rans between Howrah and New-Delhi. Its connects New Delhi with other important stations, especially the state capitals.

Iin July 1988, the first Shatabdi Express was flagged between New- Delhi and Jhansi with the speed of 120 Kmph-130Kmph. The Shatabdi Express trains are Superfast inter-city express trains which provides faster travel than the other superfast trains over medium distances generally providing the same day journey.

Later on The Bhopal Shatabdi Express flagged, which experienced a maximum speed of 161 Kmph . It runs at the average speed 91 Kmph touching the maximum speed of 150 Kmph between Delhi and Bhopal City Junction. 

On 5th April 2016, IR launched Gatimaan Express a semi high speed train that runs between Delhi and Agra at top speed of 160 Kmph. And Now Gatimaan Express is the fastest train in India.

Major Production Units of Locomotives and Rolling Stocks 


Chittaranjan Loco Works, Chittaranjan, West Bengal
Diesel Modernization Works, Patiala
Diesel Loco Works, Varanasi
Parel Workshops, CR

Rolling Stocks

Integral Coach Factory, Perambur
Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala

Axles & Wheels

Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka